About Us

Our telecommunications consulting services can help you lower your telecom costs significantly. Through our telecom consulting and cost analysis services, including phone bill analysis, phone bill auditing, IT bill auditing and wireless telecom auditing, our telecommunications consultants can help identify costly contract compliance issues, billing errors and money-saving recommendations in your telecom billing. Our telecom consultants offer specialized telecom expertise to help you save on everything from long-distance phone service to Internet service.

Other than cost savings, your organization can benefit from Telcom Consulting Group’s services in several ways, including:

  • Knowledge – By choosing Telcom Consulting Group, your staff will gain greater understanding of carrier billing issues and the protocol to resolve them.

  • Time – When you hire an outside telecom consulting firm to handle your IT and phone bill analysis, you free up your staff to handle other pressing matters within your organization.

  • Peace of Mind – Even if our phone bill audits and IT bill audits don’t reveal any billing errors, you can rest easy knowing that, at no additional cost to you, your carrier bills reflect accurate data according to an authoritative, unbiased source.

We’ve been in the telecommunications consulting and cost analysis business since 1985. Our phone bill analysis, billing audits, IT audits, and other telecom consulting services have helped save our clientele millions of dollars over the years. And as your telecom consultant, we only earn if you save.